Azuriom Plugin Bugtracker

A bug tracker for the CMS Azuriom

Azuriom Plugin Bugtracker

Azuriom Plugin Bugtracker

Dear visitors,

today we introduce our new Azuriom plugin Bugtracker. With this plugin you can give your visitors a possible kit to report and collect bugs. No matter if you use it as a normal bug tracker or as a bug tracker for your game servers. The gameserver option can be activated in the settings of the bugtracker. In addition, the plugin also has a Discord connection for webhooks. So you can be notified on the Discord when a new report was created.

In addition, users can vote for reports (Liken / vote).


You can find the plugin here: Azuriom Bugtracker Plugin


A pair of demo pictures


Posted on July 30, 2023 by RiekMedia